I am 24 years old (I think… you lose track with kids). I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have been married for almost two years already. We are the happy parents of our two children C (age 5) and J (17 months). Yes… I know that means we had sex out of wedlock! GASP! And yes, you did the math right. That means I was pregnant in high school. BUT that does not mean my life was DOOMED. I am rather happy with how my life turned out. I did encounter quite a few “bumps”. Things were a lot harder for me. But that just makes me value where I am even more.

I have been a preschool teacher for 5 years and have loved (almost) every second of it. I recently just took a hiatus to be home with my children. But before you applaud my heroic actions, it was not completely voluntary. I mean of course it seems impossible to leave your kids as those 6 short weeks come to an end, but you get over it. So before the baby was even born, we had everything planned out. I would cut back my hours and just work mornings and my husband would be at home with the baby until I got home and he would go and work nights. But as we all know, when you make plans, GOD laughs at you. He makes the plans around here. So as I start slowly slipping back into work we find our problem… J does’t take a bottle. And I don’t just mean the bottles we got at the baby shower. I mean multiples bottles. Playtex, Dr. Brown’s, Avent, Tomy, MUMS,… no, no,no, AND NO! Apparently you can tell the difference in plastic and real. Long story short, after different advice and multiple tries the breast won. So I now get to experience the stay at home mom luxury that I never had with my first child. I say “luxury” because that’s how I viewed it. Anything was better than working all day and then rushing home to burn dinner, I mean make dinner, and then put the kids in the bath and then to bed. Right? Well true and false. YES staying home with the kids is way better than working and having to be away from them all day but it ain’t no walk in the park either. Especially when you have a 5 year old going on fifteen, a colicky infant, and a rambunctious dog. So this is it ladies! A tribute to all you stay at home moms trying to juggle all the curve balls that your children and life throw at you. Here is my account on my new day to day experiences and I apologize in advance for not being as elegant as most SAHMs.




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